We are looking for a new drummer

After many rocking years together, our drummer “Skeelo” will play his last gig with us at our Anger Fest on the 25th November this year.

Due to personal reasons he wants to cut short with his playing activities.

With heavy heart we wish him all the best!

So to the drummers out there:

We are looking for someone who is ready to be a 100% part of the Band! So if you are interested, contact us by fb or by E-Mail at scarletanger@live.de ! Spread the news!

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About Scarlet Anger

Scarlet Anger is a luxembourgish Thrash Metal band which was founded in 2007 by vocalist Joe Block and guitarist Fred Molitor. After a demo and two EPs Scarlet Anger have now released their first album „Dark Reign“ on May 11th. Their second EP „Kill The King“ was able to achieve some great notes such as 8/10 on metal.de, 5/5 on Unitymagazine.net or 4/5 on stormbringer.at. Moreover they appeared in magazines like Metal Hammer, RockHard, Legacy and Heavy. In 2011 Scarlet Anger got the chance to sign a deal with the label „Dust On The Tracks“. After all songs have been recorded and mixed at „Scarlet Anger Studios“ by guitarist Fred Molitor who created the artwork as well, the mastering was done by Jeff Waters from Thrash Metal legends Annihilator in „Watersound Studios“.

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