Freak Show (LP) release 18/03/2016



1. Awakening Of The Elder god
2. Attack Of The Insidious Invader
3. The Haunted Place – House Of Lost Souls
4. Welcome To The Freak Show
5. The Abominable Master Gruesome
6. Through The Eyes Of The Sufferer
7. The Thing Without A Name
8. On The Road To Salvation
9. An Unbelievable Story Of A Stupid Boy
10. Deadly Red Riding Hood

Stupid Boy (Single) Octobre 2012

To celebrate a successful year as well as 5 years Scarlet Anger, we rerecorded our very first song, Stupid Boy (2007), which is now available for free download! On this occasion we want to thank everyone who supported us during the last 5 years filled with fun, shows, hard work, which all hadn’t been possible without our fans, our label DOTT and Bernd Ramien, our promoter Markus from Metalmessage, MIG and all the bands we shared the stage with!

Dark Reign (LP) May 2012





  1. 1. New God Rising
  2. 2. My Battlefield
    3. From Fool To King
    4. Game Over
    5. Face Of Evil
    6. Dark Reign
    7. Follow The Order
    8. A Tale Of Hate
    9. Prince Of The Night
    10. Tenfold
    11. My Empire Coming Down
    12. Bonus Track Scarlet

Kill The King (EP) March 2011

Kill The King

1.New God Rising
2.My Battlefield
3.From Fool To King
4.Game Over
5.Face Of Evil

Scarlet Videoclip 2010

‘Scarlet Anger’ music video from Thierry Besseling on Vimeo.

La Realidad Es Triste (EP) December 2009


1.Black Days
3.Once Again

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